Resusci Anne QCPR AED with ShockLink – full body manikin

Training in Basic Life Support is changing. More than ever, CPR skills are being linked with First Aid and Rescue extrication. And early defibirllation is quickly becoming a natural extension to basic CPR. The Resusci Anne Modular System allows you to tailor make your manikin to meet the diversity of training needs, from the simplest CPR Torso to the full body / full featured CPR-D and Rescue / First Aid version.

AED Little Anne™ Training System

The AED Little Anne Training System is a complete product offering that combines the affordable AED Little Anne manikin, Laerdal AED Trainer 2, and remote control into one affordable CPR-D training package. The unique design feature of the AED Trainer 2 is that it will not advance in the scenario until proper pad placement on the patient’s chest is accomplished.