Asclepius – 3D Virtual Anatomy Table

Breakthrough in anatomy education

The cutting-edge virtual human anatomy table with touch screen interactive experiences provides unparalleled advantages. It is a perfect teaching aid that performs all sort of dissection virtually, enabling the student to understand and remember the complex body structures easily.

Product Features

Fully Annotated Human Anatomy

Asclepius is equipped with a life size male and female human cadaver with full annotations about the entire body parts of a human. There is different planes of view, i.e., coronal, sagittal and transverse, providing the details of all the human body in depth.

Virtual Interactive Dissection

The virtual dissection tool of Asclepius is one of the most user-friendly features among the virtual dissection tables. One touch dissection of the virtual human cadaver with full annotation is available. Virtual dissection feature is replacing the traditional anatomy labs in the universities as it can be re-usable many times.

Sectional Anatomy

Asclepius content is divided into 11 sections where the professors can teach the students in details each and every segment. For example, reproductive system, respiratory system, and others. These segments make it easier for the students to remember the pictorial presentation of the sectional human anatomy.


Asclepius is equipped with the tool where the teachers can mark a note or enter a text as a note while teaching and take a screenshot and save it in the external USB to be used during other lectures.


Asclepius comes with a pre-installed quiz for the professors to check the student’s understanding of the taught content. It also provides a cloud-based system where the professor’s can design their own questionnaire and use it to evaluate the students.


Coloring refers to color the selected body part to be changed to the different color to make it more highlighted if the instructor wants to teach a specific body part. For example, if a lecturer wants to teach External Oblique, the lecturer can select all three regions of the external oblique and change it to a different color.

Surgical Simulation Tool for Biomedical Engineering Applications

  • OOOPDS provide basic operation and use multiple image features, such as image processing, image rendering and image measurement, drawing tools, and has a plurality of core OOOPDS computing technology, including 3D image area split, cutting and application object and image simulator suitable for general use of medical imaging operation.
  • OOOPDS is dedicated to the software system for orthopedic medical imaging applications. It has developed a number of digital image simulation operations and visual image operations. This is also the OOOPDS core processing operation function for the surgical simulation planning of digital images.


Electronically Adjustable (EA) TBK 99 with features of Anantomy, Radiology and the Pathological Atlas creates value to the teaching metholdology.

With the size of the 99 inches, it provides instructors and professors to teach the classroom with the large group of students. TBK 99 EA also is the center of attraction in the virtual anatomy lab as everyone wants to have a hands on experience with the virtual anatomy table.


  • Screen Size: 99 inch
  • Dimension: 260cm(L) x 109cm(W) x 91cm(H)
  • Resolution: 3840 x 1080 (HD)
  • Weight of stand: 325 Kgs

With its size, it could be put into the virtual anatomy lab where every one related to anatomy education can use it as per their requirements.


  • Screen Size: 99 inch
  • Dimension: 257cm(L) x 82cm(W) x 85cm(H)
  • Resolution: 3840 x 1080 (HD)
  • Weight of stand: 155 Kgs

With the ability to be tilted/rotated from landscape to portrait and vice versa (only 4K version), it becomes the most suitable for the professors and lecturers to demonstrate the human anatomy.


  • Screen Size: 65 inch
  • Dimension: 4K – 152cm(L) x 94cm(W) x 134~183cm(H)  / HD – 150cm(L) x 89cm(W) x 130~177cm(H)
  • Resolution: 4K – 3840 x 2160  / HD – 1920 x 1080
  • Weight of stand: 4K – 103 Kgs / HD – 94 Kgs

With the smaller size, portable, it is easy to be used in classrooms to be used by the students to have a hands-on experience on virtual anatomy.


  • Screen Size: 43 inch
  • Dimension: 102cm(L) x 61cm(W) x 30.5cm(H)
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Weight of stand: 45 Kgs