Advance Life Support Training Simulator

Code blue is the most universally recognized emergency code. It means there is a medical emergency (such as heart attack, respiratory arrest, sign of stroke etc.) occurring within the hospital.

The ALS simulators can help to train the healthcare professionals in these scenarios.

Gaumard® Code Blue III® Simulators

Code Blue® III Adult with OMNI® 2 

The new Code Blue III Adult with OMNI® 2 allows participants to practice ALS skills using realistic code scenarios. The patient simulator’s all-wireless design facilitates realistic and immersive emergency simulation scenarios in site, in transport, or in the lab without interruption.

Code Blue® III Pediatric with OMNI® 2  

The Code Blue III Pediatric simulator features a comprehensive array of airway, respiratory, and cardiovascular functions, perfect for training individual and team-based ALS skills. The included OMNI 2 tablet provides real-time feedback on CPR quality metrics.

Code Blue® III Newborn with OMNI® 2 

The new wireless Code Blue III Newborn offers the best value in simulation-based resuscitation learning, including programmable models for hypoxic events. The included OMNI 2 controller is an easy-to-use touchscreen interface designed to place the best tools to drive simulation-based exercises right in the palm of your hand.