ALS Training

SmartMan provides High Quality Simulation Systems which focus on Emergency Resuscitation. 

SmartMan MegacodePro Training 

High fidelity airway in either torso or full body manikin. Advanced sensors to give you accurate feedback on skills performance as the code is ongoing. Also provides you with analysis and After Action debriefing report. It will bring better practice to your re-certification classes.

High Fidelity Manikin

  • Advanced Airway placement with Feedback
  • DTFIS Negative-Positive Airway
  • Intubate on the Fly when the Chest is Moving

Objective Accurate Feedback

  • Quality and Timing in Real Time
  • Improve Communication
  • Objective Evidence Based Debriefing

SmartMan ALS CPR 

This manikin provides a high fidelity airway for practicing establishing an advanced airway during CPR. It requires head tilt-chin lift and has visible vocal cords. It will provide feedback on the intubation process itself and it is designed to provide feedback when intubating during ongoing Chest compressions. This manikin has a unique physical build so that the interaction of the chest compressions and the ventilations can be felt when practicing and there is real time feedback on the interaction.


This includes everything in ALS CPR and it includes the Intubation SIM. This provides accurate measurement and feedback on how quickly and accurately the intubation was complete. It also provides real time feedback as the chest compressions and the ventilations working together and allows you to move from BLS CPR to intubation on the fly.

ALS CPR PRO (Low Volume) Option

This manikin can be ordered with the ability to perform low volume ventilations as the chest is moving.