Different tough and robust manikins are designed to use in a wide variety of extrication training scenarios. The optional BTLS Victim Injury Sets allows Kelly to require first aid care as part of the scenario.

Resusci Anne First Aid

  •  Realistic full-body anatomy and landmarks provide the essential features necessary to learn realistic victim handling and adult First Aid skills
  • High-quality, durable  construction enable training in a variety of environments
  • Modular design allows various  limbs to be attached to produce a more realistic training experience.
  • Easy-to-use and maintain faces and disposable airways give you a cost-efficient solution for First Aid training

Resusci® Baby First Aid

The Resusci® Baby for First Aid offer optimal realism to infant First Aid Training. With its realistic appearance students can quickly sharpen their skills in performing infant First Aid Practice at its highest quality.


All the new Resusci Anne manikins can be enhanced with trauma modules to practise Life Saving First Aid together with CPR or CPR-D.

Weighted, articulated arms and legs with simulated wounds can easily be attached to the manikin within a few seconds. No tools are needed.

The arms and legs feature a selection of simulated burns, cuts and fractures.

Limb articulation allows for realistic patient handling and immobilization training.