Aurobeat Silver Ion Plasma Sterilization Air Purifier

(Floor-standing / Portable Version) 

A Hong Kong Brand which is led by Dr. Roger Sze To, who specializes in air filtration and purification technology for over 14 years, and his R&D team in Science Park. 


Aurobeat AG+ Silver Ion Plasma Sterilization Air Purifier (NSP-X1) 

  • Confirmed by an authoritative Laboratory MRIGlobal that Aurabeat can eliminate >99.9% of human coronavirus in 30 minutes (> 82% of human coronavirus in 10 minutes). 
  • Patented technology and filtration mechanisms to eliminate a dozen types of virus, bacteria, fungi, harmful gases, odour etc from air
  • Intelligent mode – using accurate sensor to monitor indoor air pollution level 
  • Accessories: filter set 

Application area: Use for about 538 square feet, which is sufficient to protect ordinary classrooms, offices, hotel rooms, homes, shops, wards / nursing homes, clinics etc. 

Widely accepted and used by various private & public organizations and departments. 

Aurobeat AG+ Portable Silver Anion Air Purifier (CSP-X1)  

Application areas such as car compartment, office / home desktop etc.

  • Streamlined Air Outlet: Ensures effective air circulation.
  • 3-Speed Fan: Support smart mode with integrated air quality sensor and different purification needs.
  • 4-In-1 Efficiency Air Filter: Pre-Filter, Activated Carbon Layer, High-Efficiency Silver Ion Air Filter, Anion technology