Emergency Bags and Transport Cases – AEROcase® series 

It is important to make sure that all the equipment reach safely at the scene of the accident. The AEROcase emergency bags and transport cases have 3 ranges, that include extensive portfolio for every type of medical emergency call. All of them are made in EU!

Handmade emergency bags and backpacks designed for the toughest conditions in the rescue area.

This AEROcase® ProEMS+ series is combing the innovative EASY Clean hygiene concept, allowing easy hygienic cleaning and fast service readiness.

It is using the ultrasonic technology seamless interior  with the fast & clean magnetic fixation of the modular bags.

Whether it is intubation, oxygen or medication delivery, whatever the kind of emergency, AEROcase® ProEMS Emergency bags and backpacks provide perfect and flexible solutions to meet the very diverse requirements of a comprehensive emergency care.

It is a complete product series designed for continuous use with an excellent price and performance ratio.

AEROcase® Pro1R emergency bags and backpacks provide a safe transport of equipment and are reliable partners when it comes to first aid. A compact and lightweight design allow an easy and comfortable transport which makes them the ideal companion for locations with long distances or restricted space areas.

It is the preferred choice for first responders who are looking for professional equipment at an entry price.