Handmade emergency bags and backpacks designed for the toughest conditions in the rescue area.

This series is combing the innovative EASY Clean hygiene concept, allowing easy hygienic cleaning and fast service readiness.

It is using the ultrasonic technology seamless interior  with the fast & clean magnetic fixation of the modular bags.

For more details about the size, partitions, colours etc, please feel free to contact us!


Emergency backpacks

Emergency bags

Modular bags

Oxygen bags

First Aid bags

Ampoule cases

Special Equipment bags – For Device / Immobilization Equipment 

Other Bags – For Document / Personal Equipment Use


Magnetic Modular System

Ferromagnatic plates are incorporated following a specific grid pattern and give the colour-coded modular inner bags, which incorporate magnets, a secure hold. This allows a clear and individual organization of your backpack or bag.

In addition to the modular system, the interior of the bag / backpack can be produced without loops, hook or loop tapes. It will be absolutely resistant against dirt. Therefore, the risk of contamination by germs is significantly reduced.

Tarpaulin material AEROtex® – PlanPRO : Disinfectable, tear and abrasion resistant and environmentally friendly recyclable.

Durability even under the toughest operating conditions

1 ) Luminous red tarpaulin AEROtex® – PlanPRO was specially manufactured in RAL 3024. This complies to the fluorescent red of the standard DIN EN 1789 Appendix A

2 ) Reinforced edge protection and abrasion protection through the processing of PVC and CSM at the wear sensitive edges and surfaces

3 ) Solid, slip-resistant carrying handle, additionally riveted

4 ) Metal eyelet to attach a CO-meter

5 ) Extra strong metal eyelets for shoulder and back carrying straps

6 ) Padded back

7 ) Anytime individually renewable back carrying straps

8 ) Handy zipper pullers in loop form

9 ) Transparent windows for inserting labels

10) Quality with recognition factor

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