Spinal Immobilization

Immobilization is an important part of emergency medicine. By immobilization and stabilization of body parts at the place of accident and during patient transport further injuries are to be prevented. The right equipment assists the prevention.

HUM AEROresc® – EASY Splint

It is an universal splints that are very light and universally malleable. They are suitable for the immobilization of almost any human body part.

Individual splints

  • Size: XS / M / XL
  • Dimension: 5 x 11 cm /  50 x 11 cm / 100 x 11 cm

Splint Set  

  • Size: 2 x XS  / 1 x M / 1 x XL


EVAC-U-SPLINT® Extremity Splints

Fast, Effective & Comfortable Vacuum Splints

The most recognized and best-selling brand of vacuum splints, the Hartwell Medical EVAC-U-SPLINT® provides a solution for almost every conceivable splinting situation. From dislocated shoulders to angulated wrist fractures, simply grab your vacuum splint, form it around the injured area, evacuate the air and you’re done! You can be transporting your patient to the hospital while other rescuers are still bending, padding, and struggling to apply traditional fixation splints. Versatile and adaptable, the number of uses for the EVAC-U-SPLINT is limited only by the creativity of the rescuer.

  • Extremely durable, easy-to-clean fabric
  • Molds to exact shape of injury site without applying circumferential pressure
  • Reduces potential for nerve, tissue and vessel damage
  • Can be used for leg fractures, dislocated shoulders, knee injuries, wrist fractures, infant and pediatric immobilization, hip stabilization, padding under the knees, temporary cervical support, and much more
  • Quick connect and disconnect MaxiValve™ is fast, effective and easy to use even with gloves on
  • Simple, intuitive MaxiValve is extremely reliable and is guaranteed for the life of the product
  • Evacuation time is less than 9 seconds using the durable all-aluminum manual pump
  • Unlike other splints, the EVAC-U-SPLINT is made to fit the patient, instead of manipulating the patient to fit the splint
  • The EVAC-U-SPLINT is safe, secure and comfortable

EVAC-U-SPLINT® Vacuum Mattress

Designed to address both Adult and Pediatric patients

The EVAC-U-SPLINT® vacuum mattress provides fast, effective and comfortable immobilization for the entire patient. Molding to the specific contours of the patient’s body without applying pressure, the vacuum mattress reduces pressure point tenderness. Both the adult and pediatric EVAC-U-SPLINT mattresses have large padded handles secured to the perimeter of the mattress which provide improved security when moving and transferring a patient and also allow for rescuers to share handles when handing off a patient in tight quarters.  The EVAC-U-SPLINT Pediatric Mattress holds a child securely and comfortably, which reduces their anxiety during transport, resulting in less patient movement. Both mattresses are filled with thousands of polystyrene beads which act as a thermal insulator to help maintain the patient’s core body temperature.

  • Extremely durable, easy-to-clean fabric
  • Molds to each patient’s unique body contours
  • In contrast to a flat backboard, distributes body weight evenly eliminating specific pressure points at the occiput, scapulas, buttocks and heals of the patient
  • Reduces potential for nerve, vessel and tissue damage
  • Provides thermal insulation which is especially beneficial for geriatric patients
  • Ideal for injuries of the spine, back, hips, pelvis or trauma patients with multiple fractures
  • Quick connect and disconnect MaxiValve is fast, effective and easy to use even with gloves on
  • Evacuation time is less than 25 seconds using the durable all-aluminum manual pump
  • Simple, intuitive MaxiValve is extremely reliable and is guaranteed for the life of the product
  • Multiple integrated slats provide additional support and rigidity
  • X-ray compatible and MRI safe
  • Patient can be transported in a supine, knees flexed or a 30° elevated torso position.
  • The EVAC-U-SPLINT Vacuum Mattress is safe, secure and comfortable

HUM AEROresc® – EASY Collar

Adult and Mini are, in addition to our splints, the perfect complement of your immobilization equipment. The collars are adjustable in size and made especially for the requirements of a reliable and easy immobilization of the cervical spine. Additionally they offer important support function for the cervical spine at place of incident.

  • Material: Polypropylene and Polyethylene
  • Adult – 4 color sizing ranges – Fine adjustment: Neckless | Short | Regular | Tall – 16 levels
  • Mini – 3 color sizing ranges – Fine adjustment: Infant | Pediatric | Small Adult – 12 levels
  • Space saving storage due to flat design | Chin piece flips up automatically
  • Spacious access to tracheal area for airway management and palpation | Inspection of laryngeal airway
  • Fixation option for endotracheal tube holders as well as O2-tubing, etc.

Allied – The HDx Backboard®

The HDx is a leading composite spine immobilization board known for its unsurpassed rigidity and lightweight construction.
The seamless HDPE shell is fluid-resistant, and the composite internal stiffening system provides unmatched rigidity with minimal x-ray obstruction.

  • Strong and durable, yet extremely lightweight at only 13.6 lbs
  • Low profile design is only 1.5″ thick
  • 10 large elevated hand-holds for easy patient handling
  • Separate strap holes for easy immobilization
  • One-piece, seamless HDPE shell is impervious to blood and other substances for high resistance to contamination,
    corrosion or decay
  • Made in the USA

Allied – The XTRA Backboard®

X-ray Translucent, Rigid, Affordable

The XTRA backboard’s patented design provides the optimal combination of rigidity and x-ray translucence. Other modern backboards have been designed on the basis of x-ray translucence instead of rigidity, at the expense of patient safety.

XTRA has been designed to provide 100% x-ray translucence while maintaining the necessary rigidity to protect the patient from further injury during transport.

At 72″ long x 16″ wide x 1.85″ deep, and weighing just 15.25 pounds, the XTRA backboard will fit into any standard ambulance storage compartment, and is easy to carry with its 18 large hand holds.

The smooth HDPE surface allows for easy cleaning and disinfecting, while the fully sealed one-piece construction of the XTRA makes it fully fluid resistant.

The XTRA will float a 200 lb. adult, and has been shown in tests to withstand a distributed weight load in excess of 1,000 pounds without permanent structural failure.

Made in the USA

SP Service – Head Immobilizer

A very durable head immobilizer in a high visibility orange colour. The whole thing has welded seams to ensure that the immobilizer is impervious to bodily fluids and can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

Supplied complete with base plate, 2 head blocks and 2 head and chin straps

  • Colour: Orange
  • Easy to keep clean and to disinfect
  • Material is impervious to blood and other fluids
  • Comfortable for the Patient
  • Will fit all makes of spineboard and scoop type stretcher
  • Use With Spine Board or on its own