BLS Training

Basic life support (BLS) manikin which simulates a human torso with all key characteristics required for high quality CPR training.

SmartMan BLS CPR 

This is a high quality BLS manikin which simulates a human torso with all key characteristics required for high quality CPR training. It is easy to adjust the chest resistance, has an easy to clean hygiene system for mouth to mouth and a hand operated bulb to simulate a pulse. The software is plug and play with free updates, no user fees and no requirement to register. Internet is not required and there are no batteries. SmartMan features state of the art feedback with visual color feedback for chest depth, rate and recoil of the chest, as well as too deep and hitting the bottom. Ventilations use the same easy to understand colors for volume, rate and interval. You always receive a score on your performance and Feedback can be turned on and off with the click of a single button. Select which product you wish by choosing the feature list that is most appropriate.


For the professional, this adds advanced skills training features to the BLS CPR product. It includes a metronome, advanced simulations, control of the performance cycle, and, special activities. For the trainer there is a simple class print with names and scores.

BLS CPR PRO (Low Volume) Option

This manikin can be ordered with the ability to perform low volume ventilations as the chest is moving.


  • Ventilation skills focus
  • Adjustable lung capacity
  • APA and AHA protocols for Neonate & Baby

Baby PRO

This is a full baby manikin which simulates a baby from one month of age to 12 months of age. It has an excellent look and feel and is suitable for both in arm CPR and around the chest CPR It sets the standard for accuracy and ease of understanding the real time feedback. It is designed to improve how well you perform chest compressions, ventilations and CPR.



  • Neonate and Baby Available
  • Extremely accurate volume and rate sensor
  • Practice Protocol Timing

Baby PRO Plus 

The Pro+ provides an extra level of professional training for ventilations. Ventilations are extra important with infants as babies often have respiratory difficulties. The ventilations SIM provides high level training for correct use of a BVM. You see volume and rate as well as the tidal flow. It also provides interval training and supports both 0.5 and 1.0 second inspiration times.

Neonate PRO

Sensitive Accurate Feedback for Neonate CPR

This full size neonate simulates a new born to 1 month of age. The chest compressions are sensitive to full release and it requires correct positioning of the head. This manikin has sensors which are particularly sensitive to low volumes of air.

Neonate PRO Plus 

Quality CPR Training with Accurate Data Control

With the extra sensitive low volume ventilations it has several activities to improve 3:1 CPR. This is a difficult protocol to perform well. There is a special activity to improve how you produce a small puff of air and you learn correct rate and volume.