Injection & Venepuncture Training 

Injection is an important health care procedure and unsafe injection practices can have a significant impact on patient outcomes. The simulator can allow trainee to practise the techniques.


Injection, Venepuncture, Cannulation & Infusion Arm, White 

  • Administering IV injections and infusions
  • Intravenous cannulation – on the back of the hand or forearm
  • Setting up and monitoring infusions including application of dressings to secure cannula in place
  • Withdrawal of blood using syringe or vacutainer

Accessible veins – Dorsal metacarpal, Cephalic, Median cubital, Basilic

  • Made of 3B SKINlike™ silicone, is unique in quality and design and allows realistic training to teach competence to medical staff. It is also very suitable for group instruction because of its high quality, stain resistance and easy-to-clean soft material.
  • It is ideal for practicing the following:
    • Correct puncture of peripheral veins for blood sampling. The following veins can be punctured: basilica vein, cephalic vein, median cubital vein, dorsal venous rete of hand
    • Intravenous injections
    • Positioning of a butterfly catheter

Injection Training Hand

  • Designed to teach students how to perform injection and blood-draw procedures correctly, this BIOLIKE 2™ model features palpable veins and lifelike, durable skin that can be injected repeatedly in the same place with 22–24-gauge hypodermic needles.

 Intradermal Injection Simulator  

  • The arm features eight sites for students to practise intradermal injections safely and conveniently

Advanced Injection Arm, White 

  • Complete venous access for IV therapy and phlebotomy
  • Intramuscular and intradermal injections
  • An extensive eight-line vascular system allows students to practice venepuncture at all primary and secondary locations, including starting IVs and introducing IV catheters
  • Prominent venous network
  • Simulated cephalic, basilic, antecubital, radial, and ulnar veins.
  • Simulation of infusion technique
  • Blood collection exercises with simulated blood
  • Administration of medication by intravenous bolus
  • Simulation of clenched fist or tourniquet position.
  • Simulation of collapsed veins
  • Realistic “pop” as needle enters vein
  • Resealing veins and outer skin

Adult IV Foot, White 

  • IV in emergent situations
  • Long saphenous vein, short saphenous vein and dorsal venous arch can be palpated
  • When the vein is located and the needle is inserted, blood may be withdrawn or fluid infused

Advanced IV Training Hand, White 

  • Ideal simulator for advanced IV training