EOlife X is a CPR manual ventilation training device.

EOlife X teaches about airway management and good ventilation regardless of the user’s level of experience and the type of patient treated.

Teaching you how to:

– Position and seal the mask more effectively
– Use the jaw-thrust maneuver correctly to avoid insufflation of air into the stomach
– Intubate successfully

Real-time visual feedback increases the quality of manual ventilation by 70% and reduces the risk of hyperventilation tenfold.

Latest data from the American Heart Association (AHA) shows that using a device providing real-time feedback increases the chances of survival by 20%.

Download Brochure here: EOlifeX_Brochure

Training mode
EOlife X’s software is designed specifically for CPR manual ventilation training.

Blind interface
EOlife X can record and evaluate ventilation parameters during manual ventilation without providing feedback.

Monitored ventilation interface
EOlife X enables the measurement and analysis of ventilation parameters and supports ventilation assistance via CPR instructions.