High Fidelity Simulator

High fidelity Human Patient Simulator (HPS) can provide a high degree of clinical authenticity and realism to facilitate participants to fully engage in the care of the simulated patient.-  abstract from “A Practice of Anesthesia for Infants and Children”

The HPS can be held in the classroom, in situational environments, or in spaces built specifically for simulation practices.

Our simulation and training products help provide learners the opportunity for hands-on deliberate practice, development of decision-making skills, and improved communication and teamwork. These are designed to support an effective implementation that will meet your educational goals.


Leadership Through Innovation®

Gaumard® Scientific Company has designed, manufactured and marketed simulators for health care education for more than 60 years.

Users worldwide – the military, emergency medical services, major teaching hospitals and nursing schools – recognize Gaumard products for their innovation in simulation in the pre-hospital, obstetrics and gynecology, surgical and nursing care segments.


The world’s most realistic teaching tools

Introducing a step change in realism for the medical training industry, Lifecast Body Simulation has developed a range of highly accurate and lifelike medical manikins which are transforming the way that medical simulation and education are delivered and absorbed.



New Zealand’s premier casualty and simulation device company

Specialising in highly realistic silicone, educational devices for Sim labs, Army and Navy, First Responders, Accident and emergency departments and in-house training in Hospitals.

MEDICFX decided to create realistic, affordable and durable simulation appliances to help professionals and trainees to focus on the scenarios.

** Due to the hyperrealistic simulation of the products, viewer discretion is advised.