Multi-specification Oxygen Therapy equipment for all applications

Penlon has a wide range of Pin Indexed and Bullnosed Regulators available with 3/8″ BSP or Schrader fittings

  • Multi-stage, bullnose inlet, twin gauge
  • Bullnose regulator with 3/8″ BSP outlet
  • Bullnose regulator with Schrader
  • Pin Indexed O2regulator
  • Single or dual pre-set flow regulators
    (1, 2 or 11 presets)
  • Multiflow Pin Indexed or Bullnosed regulator with five preset flowrates


Single, Twin and Low Flow Flowmeters for use with oxygen or medical air

  • 0 – 15 L/min standard flow rate
  • Low flow, 0 – 3.5 L/min and 0 – 5 L/min, also available
  • Pressure compensation prevents back pressure build up on flow indicator
  • Incorporates static charge dissipation device to ensure accurate readings
  • Available with either a BS EN 737 probe, 1/8″ NPT Universal thread or 3/8″ BSP connector
  • Durable polycarbonate flow tube and cover
  • Anodised aluminium body and control knob
  • Twin graduated scale provides precision control, particularly at low flows
  • Extensive mounting options and pipeline connection types available, including DIN, DISS and AFNOR


A choice of standard pattern or occlusion protection (pictured) models, for use with oxygen therapy flowmeters, for the humidification of inspired gases

  • Fully compatible with the Penlon flowmeter range
  • Reusable