Super Tory® S2220

Advanced Newborn Patient Simulator

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Super Tory® is the first newborn simulator developed to meet the challenges of neonatal care specialist training in real environments.

True-to-Life Neonatal Resuscitation and Stabilization Scenarios.

Super Tory introduces a new level of anatomical and physiological fidelity that allows participants to rehearse advanced-level algorithms, without compromising technique or clinical guidelines.

A Leap In NICU Simulation. True Ventilator Support. Real Patient Monitoring

Super Tory accurately responds to mechanical ventilation support like a real newborn, while making it possible to adjust pulmonary function on the fly.

Every visual assessment provides a wealth of health information. That’s why Super Tory features lifelike limb and facial movements and programmable skin coloration that can simulate the range of visual cues seen in ill and healthy newborns.



Introducing Active Robotics and Facial Expressions

Super Tory offers a new kind of simulation experience. It engages the participant’s emotions, promotes suspension of disbelief, and helps create lasting memories.


Uninterrupted Critical Care Transport

Transport, handoffs, NICU evac drills, and more. Super Tory remains fully functional in transit thanks to its extra-long battery life and proven wireless technology.


A Leap In NICU Simulation

Super Tory simulates the progression of respiratory disease through treatment, weaning, and rehabilitation with the highest degree of physiological accuracy.