Virteasy Dental Desktop

Haptic and VR Dental Simulator integrated on Unreal Engine

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Virteasy Dental is the simulator that combines virtual reality and haptics.

Realistic Simulation

The haptic arm allows for realistic manipulation of the various tools, offering the possibiilty to feel the different resistances to contact with the tooth components.

Full Immersion

Virteasy Dental Destop enables training within a patient's mouth and practicing in realistic environments.

There are 2 possible version of the Vitreasy Dental desktop: one with 1 haptioc; the other with 2 haptics.

The second Haptioc acts as a mirror which is a tracking device that provides a better view of the 3D sence and a complete and accurate view of the treatment area.



Haptic Dental Tool

The haptic feedback tchnology provides an immersive and realistic experience, which helps students to develop their tactile dexterity and sensitivity.


Different types of exercise

Familiarisation with tooth components and tools; Restoration of the damaged or decayed tooth; Endodontics treatment; Prosthodontics


Teacher Module

In teacher module, editor can create new exercises by using DICOM & STL Scans, ubrary of teeths / Caries; Assistant can manage users and groups to track students progress and export user evaluations/ STL.