Lower Limb Exoskeleton Robot for children

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Suitable for rehabilitation training of the motor function of lower limb in children

Repeat high frequency ambulation training to improve ambulation ability

Multiple training modes help improve active motor function

It has a variety of training modes such as leg swing training, continuous stepping and single stepping, which can improve children’s active movement and accelerate recovery of limb motor fuction.



Flexible drive joint, efficient and stable

Effectively absorb impact, protect joint. Accurate identification of motion intention, appropriate to provide external power assistance.


Touchdown feedback and rebuild motorfunction

Through real scene walking training and actual touchdown feedback, improve the function of children's motor system and nervous system, and accelerate the rebuild of motor function.


Multiple protective devices, safe and reliable

Equipped with safety lock, emergency stop button and other multiple safety protection devices, high safety and stability, to ensure the safety of children in the process of use.