CuroCell IQ Mattress

With Focus on Patient Centered Care

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Using AI and high precision sensors, the system continiously monitors the patient’s weight, height, and position, adapting to individual needs.

The Pulsating Mode™

Improve comfort and stability by reducing movements and fluctuations in the mattress.

An automatic mattress replacement system with a dynamic function and with good comfort and functionality.



Prevention and treatment of PUs/PIs

The Pulsating Mode™ has proven to be treating pressure ulcers in 30 days, compared to the expected healing time of up to 155 days.


Reliable solution

The control unit is equipped with active sensors, prepared to continuously react to body position changes, without the need of any manual settings or adjustments.


Undisturbed sleep and reduced pain

The silent running of the control unit enables conditions for undisturbed sleep and recuperation.