Multipurpose Venous Training Arm (S401)

For IV, IM, Sub-Q Practice

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The S401.100 Advanced Multipurpose Venous Training Arm combines all features required for IV, IM, and Sub-Q training.

The S401.100 is designed to help participants practice and gain proficiency in essential nursing skills and procedures like venipuncture, IV administration, blood collection, infusion, and intravenous injection.



Subtle venous network in arm and hand

Cephalic, basilic, antecubital, radial, and ulnar veins


Injection Area

Intramuscular injection site in deltoid area; Subcutaneous injection areas on the volar side of the forearm and the lateral side of the upper arm


Realistic and easy to use

Realistic “pop” as needle enters vein; Easily replaceable skin and veins