MEDUMAT Transport

Emergency and Transport Ventilator

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The High-end Transport Ventilator for every Application.

MEDUMAT Transport is Ready for Take-Off

It has a night mode with a dimmable display so that the user can easily read the parameters at any time.

Suitable for all Patient Groups

You can use MEDUMAT Transport to ventilate infants, children, and adults.

MEDUMAT Transport is a reliable device at all times and in any environment – whether you are at the scene of an emergency, in an ambulance, in a helicopter, or at a hospital.



Ready to use within seconds

Switch on the device and press a key for pre-configured modes for infants, children or adults.


All options for the best care

It offers differentiated ventilation modes: pressure OR volume-controlled OR a combination of both.


Everything in Sight

Presents up to 3 curves (airway pressure, flow and etCO2 ) simulataneously on the color display.