CentraLineMan® System with Articulating Head

Central Line Vascular Access Trainer with Articulating Head

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Simulab's CentraLineMan® is the most widely used Central Venous Catheterization training solution in the market today.

flexible system Offers unsurpassed value with clinically relevant anatomy, time-tested ultrasound-compatible tissues, with market-leading durability from needle sticks to full catheterizations.



Clinically Relevant Anatomy

Upper torso and neck; Trachea; Clavicle; Sternal notch; Sternocleidomastoid muscle;


Clinically Relevant Anatomy

Sternal and clavicular heads of the sternocleidomastoid muscle; Manubrium; Lateral border of the first rib; Superior vena cava; Upper lung


Ultrasound Vascular Anatomy

Subclavian vein; Carotid vein; Subclavian artery; Carotid Artery