Megacode LV Pro

Advanced life support (ALS) manikins

Smartman Megacode LV Pro is a High fidelity airway in either torso or full body manikin.

the Advanced sensors to give you accurate feedback on skills performance as the code is ongoing.

it provides you with Skills Performance Analysis and After Action Report for debriefing

Megacode products allow you to concentrate on specific multi-person skills. It has a unique button to “Pause” the code. This is a great way to make a teaching point as a specific event occurs.



High Fidelity Manikin

Advanced Airway placement with Feedback DTFIS Negative-Positive Airway Intubate on the Fly when the Chest is Moving


Objective Accurate Feedback

Quality and Timing in Real Time, improve Communication, and Objective Evidence Based Debriefing


Delta Tidal Flow Interaction System is a proprietary V4EMS technology

This technology provides accurate measurement, excellent physical feel and real time digital display of the movement of air in and out of the lungs during performance of CPR