OB Susie® S500.100

Advanced Childborth Skills Trainer Torso

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A SIMA Models® original, the OB SUSIE® S500.100 is a versatile and durable birthing torso

Designed to help participants practice and hone the skills needed to manage routine and difficult deliveries.

OB SUSIE® can be used as a tabletop trainer and in hybrid simulation exercises.



Vacuum Assisted Delivery

Smooth skin cap allows for application of vacuum mechanism for assisted delivery; Pause delivery to show difficult delivery


Normal Vaginal Delivery

Demonstrate internal rotation, expulsion, and external rotation; Prepare fetus in ROA, LOA, ROP, or LOP and deliver in ROT or LOT


Leopold Maneuvers

Inflatable cushion lifts fetus for Leopold maneuver; Palpate and turn the fetus using external version exercises; Soft stomach cover facilitates palpation for fetal manipulation