Code Blue® III Pediatric with OMNI® 2

Advanced Life Support Training Simulator

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The Code Blue III Pediatric simulator features a comprehensive array of airway, respiratory, and cardiovascular functions, perfect for training individual and team-based ALS skills.

OMNI 2 tablet

To provide real-time feedback on CPR quality metrics

Wireless Technology

Built-in wireless technology that lets teams simulate transitional care scenarios to improve teamwork and communication.

The new wireless Code Blue III simulator system offers the best value in simulation-based resuscitation learning. Add the optional Gaumard Vitals virtual patient monitor to enhance realism and exercise a broader range of clinical skills.



Use Real Instruments & Real-Time CPR Feedback

Train airway management using standard adjuncts. Built-in ventilation and chest compression sensors capture CPR quality metrics in real-time.


Defibrillate, Cardiovert, and Pace

Monitor, capture, pace, and cardiovert using a real defibrillator, electrodes, and energy.


Spontaneous Chest Rise and Pulses

A refillable internal air reservoir provides spontaneous (automatic) chest rise and pulses after resuscitation for up to 2 minutes.