SmartMan ALS CPR Pro

High Quality Simulation Systems which focus on Emergency Resuscitation

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The Smartman ALS Pro provides a high fidelity airway for practicing establishing an advanced airway during CPR

Accurate feedback with visual color feedback for chest depth, rate and recoil of the chest, as well as too deep and hitting the bottom.

Ventilations use the same easy to understand colors for volume, rate of flow into the lungs and the interval between rescue breaths.

This manikin provides a high fidelity airway with a special system which creates a life-like airway for practicing more realistic ventilations.



Realistic intubation practice

It requires head tilt-chin lift, has visible vocal cords, has realistic positive and negative air movement.


Accurate feedback for BLS Skills practice

It has a special activity which gives feedback on the efficiency of intubating and of whether the cuff is holding correctly.


a unique physical build

The interaction of the chest compressions and the ventilations can be felt when practicing and there is real time feedback on the interaction.