HAL® S3201

Advanced Multipurpose Patient Simulator

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The HAL® 3201 simulator sets a global standard for medical human patient simulation.

Train by using real patient monitors and sensors.

HAL supports a broad range of real patient monitors and sensors. This unique capability allows participants to practice setting up and operating equipment just as they would in real situations.

Patented dynamic airway and lung compliance respiratory system.

HAL’s respiratory controls let you adjust lung compliance, airway resistance, gasping, real EtCO2, and OSAT to simulate an infinite number of respiratory conditions.

HAL S3201 is the most advanced multipurpose patient simulator in Gaumard, specifically designed to simulate lifelike cases across a broad range of clinical areas including pre-hospital, ED, OR, ICU, PACU, med-surg, and more.



Automatic recognition of 50+ virtual drugs.

The drug recognition sensors integrated into the arm vasculature detect the medication type, concentration, and dose administered


12-Lead ECG Designer and 3D Myocardial Infarction Modeling.

Select rhythms from the built-in library, design your own using the point-by-point PQRST wave editor, or create an occlusion on the 3D heart model to auto-generate injury, ischemia, and necrosis.


For All Your Clinical Training Needs

HAL has blinking eyes with photosensitive pupils, and visible tongue edema, pharyngeal swelling, and laryngospasm. Also, it has built-in ventilation and chest compression sensors capture CPR quality metrics.