Surgical Trauma Training Manikin  

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The TraumaMan® System is an anatomically correct human body form that allows students to practice a variety of advanced surgical procedures.

It includes a simulated human torso with a ventilator and four anatomically correct surgical zones, plus an ankle base for IV Cutdown

Its flexible design and replaceable tissues give each student a “first cut” experience and make it easy to incorporate into team trauma training.

TraumaMan is used to train over 30,000 medical professionals each year. Since its release, it has also become widely used in military courses, EMS training, trauma surgery, and advanced airway simulations.



realistic body form skin and replaceable tissues

The highest fidelity touch and dissection of any simulated tissue available today. Bleeding tissues add to the suspension of disbelief, enhancing the simulation


Training with TraumaMan is systematic

Each student gets the same learning points with more repetition than is possible with animals or cadavers


the most flexible training platform

Available for advanced trauma training - it can be combined with high-fidelity simulators to run scenarios in team training situations.