Vitalograph micro Spirometer

Highly accurate, affordable, handheld spirometer for routine testing and reporting.

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Diagnostic spirometry in a compact lightweight device that is big on features, for stress-free testing on the move.

Perfect for mobile testing

Clear and instant test results with 2.8" capacitive touchscreen and high-end graphics.

Remote respiratory monitoring ready

Bluetooth connectivity for effortless communication with other devices and healthcare monitoring apps.

The microTM is a handheld spirometer offering full feature functionality. Powered by USB or batteries, the micro is portable and ideal for simple testing and reporting of spirometry.



Exceptional Test Accuracy

Features advanced flowhead technology which offers high-quality spriometry testing that is accurate, repeatable, easy to use, and safe.


Hygineically efficient

Single-use Vitalograph Bacterial Filters (BVF™) with validated cross-contamination efficiency > 99.999%, protect device, patient, and operator.


No sensitive moving parts (unlike turbine spirometers)

Making it robust and consistently highly accurate even at very low or high flow rates.