A SonoHysterography Simulator 

SonoHysteroSim™ is an innovative, high fidelity simulator designed for training clinicians to the Sonohysterography

provides enhanced endometrial visualization during standard transvaginal ultrasonography

can be used to evaluate patients with abnormal vaginal bleeding or infertility.

SonohysteroSim™ offers real time imaging of the endometrium during standard transvaginal ultrasonography, shows a potential abnormalities for which further imaging is required, defines a routine for transvaginal imaging of the uterus during saline infusion. 



High Fidelity

All the provided exercises reproduce real clinical cases.


User-Friendly Interface

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, the user interaction with the simulator is simple, fast and effective.


Transvaginal Ultrasonography Monitoring

Real time visualization of the procedure by a simulated Ultrasound monitor.