First Ventilator simulator paired with patient simulator

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LungSim™ is a unique and immersive mechanical ventilator simulator that allows you to interface with your human patient simulator.

model-driven software with the stand-alone mode

It permits the user to train himself on the respiratory mechanisms

model-driven software with the simulation mode

It can create advanced simulation scenarios on several cases of pulmonary diseases or acute respiratory failures while being wirelessly linked to a patient simulator

LungSim™ incorporates vital sign’s alteration, ventilatory parameters and multiple other features. The trainee can develop the ability to interpret ventilator data, formulate diagnoses and adapt the treatment to the pathological patient’s case.




The first mechanical ventilator simulator that can be connected to patient simulators.


User-Friendly Interface

Simple, fast and effective user interaction with the adult, pediatric and neonatal patient simulators.



View the instructor interface on any device with an internet browser.