SmartMan BLS CPR

Basic life support (BLS) manikin

a high quality BLS manikin which simulates a human torso with all key characteristics required for high quality CPR training

Easy to use

It is easy to adjust the chest resistance, has an easy to clean hygiene system for mouth to mouth and a hand operated bulb to simulate a pulse

no user fees

The software is plug and play with free updates, and no requirement to register.

SmartMan features state of the art feedback with visual color feedback for chest depth, rate and recoil of the chest, as well as too deep and hitting the bottom.



Real time Feedback

You always receive a score on your performance and Feedback can be turned on and off with the click of a single button


Easy to understand

Ventilations use the same easy to understand colors for volume, rate and interval.


advanced skills training features - BLS CPR PRO

This product provides for Advanced Training features in addition to the features of the basic product. It includes a metronome, advanced simulations, control of the performance cycle, and, special activities.