Regional Anesthesia Trainer With SmarTissue Only

Or With Articulating Head

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Simulab's Regional Anesthesia Trainer with SmarTissue™ is the only nerve block training solution that provides instructors and users a feedback mechanism

To gain procedural accuracy and enhance the training experience during Interscalene and supraclavicular nerve block skill development.

This trainer allows ultrasound practice with visualization of the most clinically relevant brachial plexus anatomy and needle tip to ensure proper manipulation, placement, and proximity to the nerves.



Includes body form

with Regional Anesthesia Replaceable SmarTissue, nerve stimulator electronics, and SmarTissue software (PC compatible*)


SmarTissue software

Installed on a PC interprets unique signals, illuminating an amber circle if the needle is proximal to the nerve and a red dot if the needle is inserted into the nerve


Can be injected with simulated anesthesia

which is naturally expelled (how) for repeated use