Airway management is a vital part of all the links of a successful Chain of Survival.

Laerdal Face Shield

Most value-priced, convenient to carry single-use CPR barrier

Offering protection to both rescuer and victim when used by CPR trained rescuers. Ideal for carrying every day, for inclusion with corporate CPR training courses, and in first aid kits.

Key Ring clips on belt loop or handbag and fits in pocket.

Laerdal Pocket Mask

The most widely used CPR mask in the world!


The Laerdal Pocket Mask’s design, filter and one-way valve make it a quality choice that provides protection during CPR.

By creating a slight distance between the patient and care provider the Pocket Mask also makes seeing patient lip color and chest movement easier.

A high-quality 3M Filtrete hydrophobic filter under a one-way valve filters out contaminates in the air being transferred between the care provider and the patient, protecting them both.

Laerdal Silicone Resuscitator 

Over the past 35 years, Laerdal Silicone Resuscitators have proven to be a leader in reusable silicone resuscitators.  The new design enhances convenience and maintains the outstanding quality, efficiency and economy that healthcare professionals have come to rely on.

  • Transparent silicone material provides excellent bag re-expansion and is resistant to extreme temperatures
  • Superior feel of lung compliance helps reduce risk of over inflation
  • New sizes: Adult, Pediatric and Preterm.
  • New integrated Intake/Reservoir Valve for efficient oxygen delivery and ease of cleaning.
  • See through one-piece Laerdal Silicone Mask with Multi-Function Mask Cover
  • Material allows for various cleaning, disinfecting and sterilization methods.
  • New Pressure Relief Valve setting on Paediatric and Preterm models.
  • All components latex-free
  • Various configuration and storage container options.
  • Private label and storage container options available

Laerdal Silicone Masks

Your patients come in different shapes and sizes and each has their own unique facial anatomy.  Effective mask seal depends on the ability of your mask to be flexible.  Laerdal Silicone Masks give you that necessary flexibility.


  • Silicone masks has a one-piece design.
  • Soft silicone cuff and dome allows for airtight seal while providing patient comfort.
  • Transparent for high visibility of mouth and nose.
  • Fits standard 15/22mm connectors.
  • Multi-Function Mask Cover allows for versatile use of Adult and Child Masks.
  • Reusable and latex-free