Airway management is a vital part of all the links of a successful Chain of Survival.

AERObag® product family offers professional emergency personnel as well as amateur helpers a wide assortment with reliable products for manual resuscitation and emergency ventilation.

HUM AERObag® – CPR Face Shields

  • Made of polyethylene (PE)
  • For adults
  • Consisting of user side printed face cover including integrated one-way valve
  • Including flexible ear straps for patient head fixation
  • Delivery in a convenient nylon soft case with key pouch
  • Reduced inhibition threshold and infection risk
  • No direct contact between patient and helper
  • Private label option in different colours available. Please contact us for details.

HUM AERObag® – Pocket Mask

  • Single use – resuscitation mask of PVC for adults and children, in robust hard case.
  • Anatomically shaped, excellent cuff sealing properties with elastic rubber head strap.
  • Additionally equipped with an O2-Connector for optional O2 delivery.
  • No direct contact between patient and helper during mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in emergency situations.
  • Reduces inhibitions and infection risks during resuscitation.
  • Private label option in different colours available. Please contact us for details.

HUM AERObag® – Manual Silicone Resuscitators

  • Volume: Adult (1500ml) / Children (450ml) / Baby (280ml)
  • Reusable Manual Resuscitators of high quality temperature resistant silicone
  • Compression unit in handy design and structured surface for safe grip.
  • Rotatable patient connector with an integrated safety valve for respiratory pressure relief.
  • Optional item: Storage case (transparent polypropylene). Silicone resuscitator set is also available. Please contact us for further details.
All-In-One Intake Valve

  • Integrated reservoir valve
  • Oxygen gas inlet for 6 mm tubing
  • Direct connection for reservoir bag, demand valve respectively bag-refill systems




Safety Valve

  • 60 mbar – Adult
  • 40 mbar – Children and Baby-One Intake Valve




Manual Silicone Resuscitator Set




HUM AERObag® – Resuscitation Silicone Masks  

Resuscitation masks of silicone in different sizes for adults, children and babies.

  • Transparent
  • Anatomically shaped
  • Excellent sealing properties at already lowest pressure
  • Soft and smooth
  • Connection according to ISO-Norm
  • Reusable
  • Optional Accessories: Mask Head Straps, Inflator / Deflator

HUM AEROtube® – Endotracheal Tubes (ET Tubes)

Single use endotracheal tubes

  • Magill-Type with Murphy Eye
  • 15 mm ISO-Connector
  • Positioning markings
  • Soft low pressure cuff
  • Control balloon for cuff pressure monitoring
  • Single sterile packed

Different versions:

  • Without cuff / With low pressure cuff  / Set consisting of endotracheal tube with low pressure cuff, intubation stylet and syringe

AEROtube® – Intubation Stylet

Single use intubation stylet for endotracheal tubes, flexible, single sterile packed. Different diameters.

Endotracheal Tube Holder – AEROtube® EASY Fix

Tube holder for adults with quick-fix screw for a fast and safe fixation of single and double lumen ventilation tubes (OD 6.5 mm – 19 mm), integrated bite block, wide opening for suction of liquids, padding on the patient side, single sterile packed. Upon request also available as tactical version.