Anatomage – 3D Anatomy Virtual Dissection Systems

World’s First Virtual Dissection Table

For more than a decade Anatomage has been developing the most advanced 3D anatomy rendering hardware and software for both medical education and applications. Its vast array of software and hardware tools will keep you ahead of the curve, and provide you with the most advanced medical visualization technology out there at your fingertips.

Anatomage products are used in tens of thousands of clinics, hospitals, education institutions both in the US and internationally. These include image guided surgical devices, surgical instruments, radiology software, imaging equipment, and display equipment. It is transforming standard anatomy learning, medical diagnosis and treatment planning through its highly innovative products.

Market Leader 

Anatomage is the global 3D medical application leader. Our products are currently installed and used in thousands of universities, institutions, clinics, and hospitals all over the US and world-wide.

Fully Interactive 

Comprehensive 3D visualization tool with intuitive hands-on interface allow for quick analysis and examination, for medical education, patient diagnosis, and dynamic presentations.

Technical Showcase 

Their products feature the most accurate human anatomy and patient data of any technology available. Powerful hardware and software makes our product the preferred solution for medical applications.